1 week of using Github Copilot

1 week of using Github Copilot

Recently a lot of people got access to Github Copilot, I was one of those who got it. I was on the waiting list for a very long time, and trust me I was dying to use it after all the good stuff already heard.

Github Copilot is an AI pair programmer developed by Github and OpenAI. The deep neural network model for Copilot is trained on public code repositories on GitHub. It helps you by giving suggestions for the code you might wanna write.

I am seriously amazed by the performance, it is just amazing. It is really smart and exactly knows what do you wanna write most of the time. You can just write a comment, hit enter and it will suggest you the code. I am using it for over a week now and I find it really great. It picks up your coding style, your variables, and your way of writing. So, I was entering mock data into the database with a script. And I was hardcoding the data for it. I was making objects for the entries.


I was inserting those objects to MongoDB. Then using the inserted ones for further data. And I was shocked at how fast Copilot picked everything. After a few lines, I wasn't writing. I was just hitting tab, I was changing the variables name a few times. But that didn't bother me.

The other thing is that it was evening changing the numbers, if I had a cost somewhere for a certain size and I tried to change the size in another object, it automatically changed the cost. It was even suggesting me the units. I was writing some pipelines for MongoDB, and I was using FastAPI. It even suggested to me the complete pipelines, with insertion, retrieval, and whatnot. This made me cry, haha!

The crazy thing is there were situations that require me to Google usually for the syntax because I don't remember the syntax but, it suggested me such a good piece of code using my variables and my style that didn't Google. This is such a great thing,

It even helped me with improving my own code, the suggested code was great and after a few suggestions, I had so much faith that I wasn't even checking the code thoroughly. I trust Github Copilot now and it is seriously reducing my efforts and making my work significantly faster.

Now the question arises, if this is a good thing or not. This is tricky, but I think it is good. People can have a lot of different perspectives. Some say creativity might end, that can happen. I am not really sure. But one thing I am certain of is, it is a beginning of a new era. I wasn't believing this before using it, but I feel the power it has after using it. There are great things coming in near future and the future is bright!

Thank you for reading! Let me know if you liked it.