Free TailwindCSS UI-kits

Free TailwindCSS UI-kits

Tailwind is an amazing CSS framework and is growing at a rapid pace. Here are some UI kits to help you make great designs.

1 - Tail-Kit


Contains a lot of ready-to-use components with some templates! It's open-source!
Link - Tail-kit

2 - Wicked Blocks

Wicked Blocks

Provides a variety of blocks like page sections, forms, navigation, and much more. This is a project by wickedtemplates.
Link - Wicked Blocks

3 - Tailblocks


It gives you a good number of ready-to-use blocks made with TailwindCSS. The best part is, you can view the blocks with different colors and different devices on their website itself.
Link - Tailblocks

4 - Daisy UI

Daisy UI

Dasiy UI can be installed like any other dependency. It gives you bootstrap-like classes to use with your HTML. This makes it a lot cleaner because there are fewer classes present. It gives you multiple themes and is very to use.
Link - Daisy UI

5 - Tailwind Mobile

Tailwind Mobile

This provides you with neat components specifically for mobile development. It has both ios and material components for React, Vue, and Svelte. The docs are there just for React yet. Also good to go with cordova and capacitor.
Link - Tailwind Mobile

6 - VueTailwind


You can use this as a dependency in your Vue project. It provides you custom vue components made with tailwind, which are customizable and have their own props too. You can even build a custom theme before installing it.
Link - VueTailwind

7 - Kutty


It is a tailwind plugin for building web applications. It has a set of accessible, reusable, and clean components.
Link - Kutty

8 - Lofi UI

Lofi UI

It's a little different, you can even get graphs and calendars here.
Link - Lofi UI

9 - Kometa UI Kit

Kometa UI Kit

Gives components and sections like blogs, stats, and more. It also provides the code in Vue and React along with HTML.
Link - Kometa UI Kit

10 - Treact


Treact gives you responsive pages and components built with Tailwind for React!
Link - Treact

11 - gust ui

gust ui

It has a different theme than what we usually see in other tailwind kits. It looks very clean and easy to use with a number of pages, elements, and components. You get the code in react along with HTML. You can even check the different screen looks on the website.
Link - gust ui

12 - Meraki UI

Meraki UI

This kit gives you a few important components which are responsive. The dark mode here is impressive.
Link - Meraki UI

Here is a Twitter thread on the same:

Thank you for reading! I hope it was useful.