Why javascript is a badass?

Why javascript is a badass?

Javascript has been making the web crazy and is a very essential part of our daily lives. It is already doing great stuff for a long time. If you are a web developer you have probably used nothing else more than javascript. But it is not limited, the future is very interesting.

Javascript was not meant to do all the stuff which we see it doing. It was just supposed to run in the browser. Frontend development itself evolved a lot. All the cool frameworks we see use a lot of javascript. And if you're a frontend developer, it's everything for you!

Nowadays, we see javascript running on the server-side. You probably know about node, which is around for a while now. Node helped developers to just know one language and code both frontend and backend. You can easily be a full-stack developer if you know javascript.

And this is a lot in demand. MERN, MEVN, and MEAN are quite popular and you can see a lot of people doing those. This has become the new basic, and we can see many major companies hiring for this. A huge number of projects depend on javascript!

This is something that is very common, but there is a lot more happening with javascript. This is all because of the popularity it gained over the years. Javascript is not limited to just the web. You can do a lot and lot more now!

Native Development: There are a lot of frameworks evolving that allow you to develop native android and ios applications. React native and vue native are examples of that. This makes it very easy for a web developer to even switch to native anytime.

You can even convert an existing web application to a native one with the help of Cordova and Ionic framework. This is really interesting and a lot of fun. You don't need to know java or Kotlin for making an Android or IOS app!

AR/VR: There is a lot going in this domain, it has been in hot topics for a while. And yes, it is possible with javascript. There is a lot of improvement happening every moment. The support is increasing day by day. So if you know javascript, you can probably try this too!

ML/AI: We have come far in this domain. TensorFlow js is a great and a very popular library for Machine Learning in javascript! There is a lot of new stuff happening in this domain as well, and very frequently.

It seems like a person can do many things and explore other popular domains with javascript. It's great to learn and again the scope is not limited. With all this happening, it can be assumed that the future of javascript is going to be great and very exciting.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you liked it.

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